Anonymous sent: how did you get your own style down? Especially with the way you draw bodies! I love your art so much! I'm having trouble figuring out my style >.<

TBH I dont think I have my own style down - it shifts over time and depending on whats influencing me. Really in the end it just comes from trying out things that I like and seeing what sticks - a style is something that will develop over time and it just takes drawing ! Don’t try to figure it out too much , just draw what you like, play around and it’ll be easier :)

Anonymous sent: Congrats on getting a teaching job at the Gonq! Mind if I ask what class? I think that's fantastic!

Thanks ! I’ll be teaching second year digital animation , I’m not nervous at all.

cleaned up version of my sketch for the studio art show this week&#160;!

cleaned up version of my sketch for the studio art show this week !

Anonymous sent: What if like Marco looks all unamused and Star is all "HEY MARCO I MUSTACHE YOU A QUESTION" with a fake mustache and a sombrero (you dont have to draw it just a suggestion or idea whatever)


Kitty faccceee!

Kitty faccceee!

OH MY GODDD shes so cute!!!!!! (the first pic makes me laugh she look so pissed off…..agkagj)

She does look really angry lol - but shes pretty sweet although she seems to not like being picked up , but thats ok since I just brought her home.

Ahh I love her breed ;___; how much did she cost?? I’ve been thinking about getting one too

She cost me 300$ from a breeder, shes retired so kittens probably cost more - shes 4 years old. I hear they’re good breeds but..I GUESS ILL FIND OUT.

she has such a tiny head! but it might just be the tummy making it look like it is.

She really does oh my god , it seems even tinier in person. I think the gut does have a lot to do with it but even when she loses it I think her head will still look pretty small.

Blurry photos of new cat ! She had kittens not too long ago so shes a little saggy through the tummy but she hasnt hidden under the couch or anything yet
.shes kind of a spaz

Finally came up with something I like for the studio art show  - I ditched the drunk fairy idea for now because it wasnt working with me , I&#8217;ll just call this one &#8217; Freckles &#8217; . Now to clean it up&#160;!

Finally came up with something I like for the studio art show  - I ditched the drunk fairy idea for now because it wasnt working with me , I’ll just call this one ’ Freckles ’ . Now to clean it up !



Anonymous sent: would you mind talking about your experience at algonquin? I'm looking around at colleges I want to go to and am very curious :)

I wouldnt mind at all ! I had a great experience there but I’ve also seen what its like from a hiring perspective as well so I think I have a great idea of the pros and cons.

I loved going there, the teachers were great and Im still in touch with them - HECK im starting to teach classes this semester too , how could I not enjoy the school. The price was great for me and it didnt put me in crippling debt, the campus is great (and the waffles in the caf..OH MY YES) and its close to a lot of amenities if you need to stay in the dorms or close by. The program itself is 3 years , the 3rd focusing on making a final film - they focus on 2d character animation but also teach toonboom harmony and maya which are used tons in the industry so I think they’re hitting a lot of key points and really prepare you for the industry. You get lots of time with the teachers themselves and the classes are smaller so they are more personable !

From an industry standpoint the students that come out of Algonquin are prepared for the industry , i see some super smooth pencil animation coming out year after year - but this kind of brings me to the ’ con ’ of the school.

All schools have pros and cons , regardless of how high name they are or whatnot. With algonquin a lot of students come out very technically prepared for the industry , with good work ethic and timing skills but a good chunk of them come out looking the same. It is very hard to tell demo reels apart sometimes since many people approach assignments in the same way.  Sometimes I see demo reels from other schools that arnt as TECHNICALLY smooth/sound but still have a great sense of acting and originality to them , where as a lot of demos that I see from algonquin are very solid in their technical ability but dont grab me in the same way…its hard to tell who the person is behind the art.

In the end its all up to the person to make the experience what they need and fill in the blanks if they feel like they dont get it from the school. I think Algonquin was a great choice for me but I also drew a lot and had my own personal style going into it so I was able to stand out a bit. Many people there draw the same way ( which is something to be said of a lot of schools actually ! and the smaller the class the more noticeable it can be ) , but in the end its up to the individual person to really push their boundaries since theres so much to learn even outside of school !

hope that helps !

Anonymous sent: did you develop this style of drawing at college?

I did start to develop it at that time , yep ! I started learning more about structure and line of action and that helped a lot , although most of my style is influenced by my fav artist Alessandro Barbucchi . Being a fan of skydoll and seeing some European comics really turned my style around - that was years ago though and now that aesthetic has also been mashed together with influances from the various shows I’ve worked on as well !

Anonymous sent: Your art and your OCs give me extreme feels. Is that bad? 0.0

oh man , IDK..DEPENDS ON HOW EXTREME IT IS. Sounds a bit dangerous ! I like when my art gives feels but i hope they are safe amounts of feels in general. 

Gasp! 8D What breed/type??

a devon rex ! shes a retired breeding cat so shes 4 years old and needs a quiet home away from ALL THOSE DARN KITTENS. I feel you cat….i feel you. I’m naming her Mcgonagall cuz she looks like Minerva Mcgonagall….

I’m getting my new cat tomorrow I’m so excited !!