replies, you are all the sweetist people

I am getting teary again ,but good teary. Can we have one big huge group hug cuz I just want to keep all of you.

Aww man, I hope things look up for you and you feel better soon! :<
They will ! I think I just need to accomplish something, lately I’ve been jumping around so much maybe I dont feel like i’ve actually contributed to the projects. who knows BUT THANKS <3 
everyone needs a good time to deal with those feelings, your a good person digi and im sure it will ease up soon c: I WILL GIVE YOU KISSES
EW GROSS EW , TEXAS COOTIES. aw but thanks shews ,im sure it will too <3 you’re also an amazing person. One day im going to vist and make a nest in your busom and fall asleep.
Hugs my darling! I’ll take you for a cathartic lunch on the Mons
Only if I can call up your fiancee and be like ’ guess whos getting me potato soup right now , YOU JEALOUS’ - I’ll be fine tho :) I may be ok by monday I think I just need a really good mental break. BUTTHANK YOU.
You can do it! Animation is a fickle bitch sometimes, but she’s your bitch! Maybe a day to yourself to relax and unwind? You totally got this!
This whole weekend is dedicated to relaxing , THANK YOU FOR THE SUPPORTNG WORDS - animation is a bitch sometimes lol. And so is the programs we use to make it sometimes. When people go CG MAKES ANIMATION TOO PERFECT. I look at what I have to fix and laugh mirthlessly.
oh geez I know how you feel—I have suddenly become the worst student ever this past month, and I’ve never had trouble with school in the past. blegh. hopefully things will look up for both of us soon!
Maybe we both have the S.A.D.’s - I know I wouldnt mind a bit of nice weather. If we get really frustrated with our stuff we’ll just trade , ill do your hw , you can do my scenes lol. Fresh perspective always helps.
I’m sorry you’re feeling like that, digits…if it makes you feel any better I’ve been in the same spot in life? No friends around to rely on, weak heart, stagnant in my art…it’s tough. Do you want some song suggestions that might sooth the pain?
I always enjoy song suggestions! I have some mood music that helps me feel better..most of it consisting of piano music from ff9 lol. It doesnt make me feel better that you’re feeling like that tho , I know misery loves company but , ILL JUST HOPE BOTH OF US WILL BE HAPPIER SOON. Although I dont think you’re stagnant in your art, I adore your art. I always go peek at it :D - if you make an art tumblr ill be all over that. - but for now i have you bookmarked like woah <3 
I totally understand - I often have times like that concerning my drawing and writing, and often a great breakthrough follows right after. :) I hope it passes really soon - have an awesome weekend! :) Sincerely, a faithful follower
you leave such sweet messages for me thank you so much T_T . Its like the pain of being an artist we’re always at war with ourselves. I suppose its necessary to grow, doest mean it sucks any less.  I WILL HAVE AN AWESOME WEEKEND. I hope you do as well <3.
Ive been following your art for what seems like forever. You are amazing and talented and dont worry, it will get better. You hang in there. :)
T_T I WILL, I will be like that kitten on the poster. Thank you so much for the kind words, already i’m feeling better. come here and let me hug you.
I love your scribbles! .. I hope you feel better soon. We all have our bad days.. sometimes bad months or two. I am sure things will turn around for you. My best wishes to you that it be quick *hugs*
I always see your icon on my dash and I appreciate it so much , I know you’re one of the people that do enjoy my sketches which is such a great feeling. That plus the kindest messages I’m just going to gush , watch out cuz im going to hug you too. Thank you so much
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  1. triangledays said: aw you can do it!!!!! work sounds rough at the moment, if you need help ask for it! and take some holidays as soon as you can, sounds like you need a break to unwind. things will get better xoxox
  2. eyesofcoral said: *awkward shoulder hugs* :)
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